Hungry Universities

  • Internet business School (IBS)

IBS LOGOMore than 300 students from around the world choose to study at IBS every year as full time students, Erasmus guest students or as students from foreign academic partner institutions.





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University Of Debreceni Egyetem

Uni-of-debrecenLet’s begin with the end in mind. It is important to paint in our minds what we cannot at present see with our eyes.

We aspire to be the leading educational institution with global emphasis. To empower learners with educational and training excellence relevant to industry needs in contributing positively to global communities.

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Malaysia Universities

  • Segi University

SEGI universityLet’s begin with the end in mind. It is important to paint in our minds what we cannot at present see with our eyes.

We aspire to be the leading educational institution with global emphasis. To empower learners with educational and training excellence relevant to industry needs in contributing positively to global communities.

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  • Limkokwing University

limkokwing logoThe Limkokwing campus in Cyberjaya is home to 9,500 students from nearly 145 countries. Its multicultural environment enables both local and foreign students to interact and soak up varied cultures.

The campus is an outstanding landmark in the vicinity. Its spectacular façade, a multi-hued skin of sorts, features creative industries, lifestyle activities and the university’s global expansion.

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USA Universities

  •  Wichita State University

Wichita State UniversityThe history of Wichita State is built upon big ideas and the undaunted dreamers who turned them into reality. From the streets of Wichita to the far corners of space, Shockers have proven time and time again that, at Wichita State, anything is possible.

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  • Edmonds Community College Washingtom USA

Edmonds Community College Established in 1967, on 50 acres in Lynnwood, Wash., the site of a World War II era Army radio station, the college has longstanding construction, culinary arts, horticulture, paralegal, and parent education programs. It has partnered with Central Washington University since 1975 to offer bachelor’s degrees locally. Opportunities for learning and service provided by the college include: 20 National Science Foundation grants, service-learning projects with 57 community partners, and more than 75 cultural events for the public each year.

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Cyprus Universities


intercollege logoOn behalf of the Intercollege administration, faculty and staff, welcome to our web site. Since the early 1980’s, Intercollege has been making major contributions in tertiary education not only in Cyprus but also in the region. With an international student body, instruction in English and a commitment to multiculturalism, Intercollege provides a dynamic learning environment in a modern, democratic, European country.

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Norway Universities

Norway is one of the most equal nations of the world in terms of wealth, and also enjoys one of the highest levels of GDP per capita. It is also a world leader in research & development, has four universities in the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings – the University of Oslo (111), University of Bergen (145), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (289), and the University of Tromso (304).

  • University of Oslo

OSLO University NorwayThe University of Oslo is one of the top ranked universities in Norway. It is also the largest and oldest university in Norway. This university has produced five Nobel Prize winners. The campus hosts three museums and 27,700 students.

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University of Bergen

Bergen universityMost of the younger generation in Norway choose the University of Bergen to complete their studies. The campus hosts about 14,500 students and 3,200 faculty. There are six sections of study to choose from at this university, which includes Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry, Psychology, Social Sciences, Law and Humanities.

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University of Tromso

Tromso UniversityThe University of Tromso is also known as the “northernmost university of the world.” There are seven areas of study available at this top-ranked university, which include biomedicine, marine science, telemedicine, multicultrualism, physics, linguistics, Saami people and indigenous people.

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Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Life-Science UniversityThe Norwegian University of Life Sciences is a top-ranked school in Norway that has eight major departments. This leading international higher learning institution focuses on various research revolving around environmental and biosciences.

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU UniversityThe Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the main university where many come for a top-ranked education in Norway to prepare for a profession as an engineer or a scientist. Other educational areas this school offers include studies in medicine, architecture, humanities, teacher education, social sciences and fine arts. The institution has about 20,000 students enrolled.

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University of Stavanger

UIS LogoThe University of Stavanger opened on January 17, 2005. Since its opening, it consistently ranks amongst the top universities in Norway. About 8,500 students study various subjects at this university, including Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Technology, International Hotel and Tourism Leadership, Literacy, Music and Dance, Offshore Technology and Petroleum Engineering.

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Turkey Universities

The number of international students choosing to Study in Turkey has more than doubled since 2006, signalling the country’s growing importance as a higher education destination.

As a student living in Turkey – especially if you are based in one of the larger cities – you certainly won’t find yourself short of places to explore and things to do.

Anadolu University

Anadola UniAnadolu University was created in 1982 from the union of four existing higher education institutes in Eskişehir: the Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences of Eskişehir, the State Academy of Architecture and Engineering, the Institute of Education, and a medical school. As the Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences was founded earliest (in 1958), Anadolu University has adopted that year as their date of establishment.

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İstanbul University

Istanbul UniversityIstanbul University was established in 1453 by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. However, Richard Honig, a German law historian, who claims that Byzantine and Ottoman traditions could be analyzed together, expressed that the history of Istanbul University can be traced back to March 1, 1321. The university, which was first established in today’s main building, was equivalent to Roman universities consisting of schools of medicine, law, philosophy and letters, and is considered to be the pioneer of university education in Istanbul.

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