UK Business Immigration

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UK Business Immigration

Why UK Business Immigration

Immigration to UKThe UK has for some time been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with the American tourist very common place in the country. The country has a number of factors in its favor including the colorful history (starting with the Celts) which has taken in the Roman invaders, Vikings, Saxons and Normans and many more who have tried and ultimately failed to conquer the land.

Consisting of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the UK offers the full range of climates from the cold winters of Scotland to the warmer climes of the South coast of England. All elements of the UK have their own personal history, and they are all within easy traveling distance, by plane, car, water or train.

Beautiful landscapes, steeped in history, a monarchy rule, a community spirit and a warm welcome await the millions of foreign national who decided to visit and very often re-locate to the UK.  A strong member of the European Union, NATO, G8, UN and other influential political groups, the UK seems very much to punch above its weight on the worldwide stage. The UK, along with Italy, has the largest influx of immigrant workers in Europe, and while more is being done to control the figures this is proving very difficult.

  • Culture In UK

The culture of the UK is a very complicated and mixed bag, with the Romans and Vikings very much leaving their mark on the layout and thinking of the UK population.  Historically the UK’s land area was much larger then as vast areas of the globe was under the aegis of the old British Empire.  While slowly the Empire disintegrated, with many countries gaining independence, the era has left a lasting impression and historical ties with many of the previous members of the Empire.

  • Employment in UK

Over the last 100 years the UK has moved from a predominantly manufacturing led economy, specializing in textiles, metals and consumer industries into a service driven economy which is now thriving in areas such as legal services, financial services, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to name but a few.  Often at the cutting edge of new technology, the UK also has a vibrant small business sector, which has over recent years received support from the government.

  • State Benefits in UK

It seems to be common knowledge across the world that the UK had the most generous benefits system of the developed world.  A free national health service, high levels of local authority assistance for the needy, and pensions guaranteed by the government had all attracted a raft of immigrants. Some of the more common state benefits available to residence (whether they have contributed or not) includes unemployment benefit, housing benefit, incapacity benefit and much more.


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