Study in Canada FAQ

1. Do I need a Study Permit (Student Visa)?

Anyone planning to study for more than six months in Canada needs a Study Permit. If you plan to study for less than six months but may decide to stay longer, you should apply for a Study Permit before coming to Canada for your studies. International students from certain countries may also need to obtain a temporary resident visa in addition to the study permit.

2. What is a temporary resident visa?

A temporary resident visa is an official document issued by a Canadian visa office. It is placed in your passport to show that you have met the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary resident. Depending on your citizenship, you may need a temporary resident visa to enter Canada.

3. How do I obtain a Study Permit for Canada?

International Students must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for a Study Permit once they have received an acceptance letter from a qualified Canadian academic institution. if you have received this acceptance letter, you may use our Study Permit Application kit to prepare your application. Students will have to show that they have sufficient funds to study and live in Canada, and in some cases undergo Medical Examinations and provide Police Clearance Certificates.

4. How do I apply for a temporary resident visa?

If you need a temporary resident visa in addition to your study permit, you do not need to submit a separate application or pay an additional fee when you apply for your study permit at a visa office. The visa office will issue your temporary resident visa at the same time as your study permit if your application is accepted.

5. When should I apply for my study permit?

You should apply as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance from the educational institution (school, college, university). The time needed to process an application to study in Canada may be different depending on the visa office.

6. What if I want to study in Quebec?

International Students who have been accepted into a qualifying educational institution in Quebec must obtain approval from the immigration authorities of the Province of Quebec. To study in Quebec, you will need to first apply for a CAQ (Certificat d’acceptation du Qu├ębec) before you apply for a study permit.

7. How do I pay the fee for a study permit?

You must pay a processing fee with your application. The fee will not be refunded, even if your application is refused. Check the website of the visa office where you submit your application to find out the options available to you to pay the fee.

8. How long is my Study Permit valid for?

A Study Permit is valid for the duration of your study program. Should you need to extend the validity of your Study Permit, you must file an Application to Change the Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

9. I am a citizen of one country, but have lived in another country for a long time. Should I apply for a Study Permit in my country of citizenship or my country of residence?

You can apply for your Study Permit in your country of residence, your country of nationality or the country where you have been legally admitted.

10. Will my study permit need to be renewed?

Expiry dates of study permits can vary. Often permits are valid for the duration of the program of study. To successfully renew a study permit, the student must have a valid passport and, if applicable, a valid CAQ (a Certificate of Acceptance required to study in Quebec). Students should start the renewal process at least two to three months prior to the expiry date.